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Theresia Wallberg

I was born and raised in Sweden. I have always loved to create, dance and perform. When I was five years old I started with gymnastics. Secretly, I always liked the dancing part the most, so as a teenager I decided to focus on ballet.

After an intense year at the Swedish Ballet School I moved to the Netherlands to take a Bachelor at Rotterdam Dance Academy. It was an exciting and beautiful time and my love for dance just grew deeper. In my education I had lots of opportunities to work in different projects outside the school. And during the last year of my Bachelor I mostly worked for the International Dance Theatre.

In 2011 I moved to Switzerland to dance for the Cinevox Junior Company in Neuhausen. During that time I travelled regularly to Zurich to take classes in contemporary dance and tango. Like this I could nurish my growing passion for both dance styles. Finally I decided to move to Zürich.

I started to work in several dance projects as well as the Wine Tower at Radisson Blu Hotel. There I worked as an airacrobat for two years. During that time I also teached ballet and discovered that I really like teaching.

I came in contact with Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis during a time when I suffered from a lot of backpain. I immediately fell in love with the techniques and started to see new possibilities how to move and use my body. I’m now happily diving deep into both movement concepts, enjoying and exploring them. I find it very enriching to teach at Goodtraining and to meet different people – all with their unique stories and bodies.