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Karin Talbot

Sitting still, being inactive - I never liked that. As a little girl I was running around like a whirlwind and the urge to move still shapes me today. Swimming, hiking, diving, skiing, yoga, Pilates - it is impossible to imagine my everyday life without all of these activities, whether alone or together with my family.

But for me, exercise doesn't only mean being physically active. Movement is all encompassing for me, also taking place in my mind and especially in language and literature. Language never stands still, just like me.

After studying language and literature at the University of Zurich, I worked many years in PR and communications. The daily interaction with people, spoken and written, enriches and fascinates me.
Unfortunately, this kind of work often takes place sitting in front of a computer screen, which I was always able to balance out with sports, especially yoga. After a serious skiing accident, however, I was confronted with the fact that sitting in front of the computer for hours on end increased my constant pain.

Exercise, especially Yoga and Pilates, became even more important to me and finally it was Gyrotonic that gave me the courage and strength to tackle my daily pain and finally leave it behind.

Gyrotonic, its system and philosophy have given me so much that I decided to do the training to become a certified instructor. It was the right decision - during self-training and teaching I feel challenged and at the same time at ease in body and mind.

What could be better than growing together by sharing the same enthusiasm?