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Nini Naegeli

Nini Naegeli

Nini Naegeli

Gyrotonic, Personal Training

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For someone with an "intellectual job" like mine – I’m a professional translator – who spends a lot of time sitting and thinking (which doesn’t always come easy! ), often under tight deadlines, it's natural to occasionally wonder: Does this really make me happy and healthy? The answer for me was crystal clear: No. Quite the opposite.

Then about 10 years ago I discovered Gyrotonic, and was immediately impressed from the very first session with Hideto Heshiki. Not that I hadn't been active before. I used to dance traditional South American dances, then I got into martial arts. I hold a 2nd DAN in Korean Sin Moo Hapkido, a sport I have been practicing for 26 years (in Zurich and Barcelona). I have also taught Hapkido in my spare time over the past few years.

Once I realized how important Gyrotonic was for my physical/mental balance and flexibility, I decided to complete my Gyrotonic trainer training. That was in June 2021. Now I want  to share the knowledge and experience that have been so helpful to me.

My Gyrotonic sessions are intentionally intuitive. Depending on the goals – whether to release energy or replenish it, to stay fit or enhance body awareness, and whether talking or silence is needed – I tailor the session to your needs. Want to learn more? Try it out!

I look forward to working with you!