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Kristen Slabaugh

My fascination and study of the human body is woven through every aspect of life from whitewater kayaking and rafting, yoga and meditation, massage, a career in ceramics and raising children. 

At an early age, I began teaching whitewater kayaking and rafting skills as well as leading wilderness river trips in the USA. Physically demanding, I began to look for ways to maintain a healthy, functioning body in order to thrive. There were  injuries along the way that led to lower back pain, shoulder, wrist and neck stiffness. From this state of physical discomfort, I committed to living as pain free a life as possible and dedicated myself to regular yoga and meditation. In addition to completing a degree in Transpersonal Psychology, I studied various forms of bodywork, as a way to further understand and support the human body. In my late 20's ready to settle down, I became a mother and professional ceramic artist. As my body continued to struggle with the demands I placed on it, it became time to look for a different, less physical use of my skills. For the next ten years, I enjoyed a successful career in Real Estate. Finally, the time came to retire from Real Estate and dedicate myself full-time to helping people feel and heal better their bodies.

I became a Gyrotonic trainer following a vision that occurred during my first session in 2014. I am fortunate to study and train under Master Trainer Hideto Heshiki. It is my aim to help you have the best possible experience so you can come ‘home’ to your body. This work is my passion and it is with joy I share with you.