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(Shiatsu = Finger-Press, Japan)

This independent form of therapy is done on a futon, wearing light clothing. Based on knowledge acquired through acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. In Shiatsu the body energy or Ki is activated and harmonised in accordance with the energy pathways (meridians). After an initial evaluation of the state of the body, the further development of the treatment is carried out according to individual needs and consists of applying pressure with the thumbs, the heels of the palms, the elbows and the knees. The treatment is completed according to indications by rotation of the articulations as well as stretches. In this way blockages and obstructions are released, the natural powers of self-healing are stimulated, weak spots are strengthened: in short, the balance of the entire energy household is restored and body-mind integration is improved.

A pleasant deep relaxation settles in.

Shiatsu is ideal for people of all ages and its multi-facetted uses include:

Price: 144.-- / 60 minutes

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